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Hello and welcome to my new blog, Hello Hoobubby! Hoobubby comes from the name of the character in a children's picture book I have played with on and off for some time. My name is Alexandra and I am a therapist and writer here in Portland, Oregon. I'm not exactly sure quite yet what this blog will be all about- books? writing? love? decorating? art? travels? yodeling bats in traveling Chinese circuses? food? Definitely food! Have a wonderful day and by the way, you look very scrumptious today so watch yourself! (You can also find me at my private practice blog at http://leapbrightly.blogspot.com and at my business site at http://www.alexandrasaperstein.com )

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Private Anthropologie, Or MY Favorite Store in Portland!

I was going to title this post "Eat My Shorts, Anthropologie" but that doesn't sound very nice! Inspired by this recent post about Cargo, which is my own second favorite store in Portland, I can't think of a better way to start a new blog than to share the goods too on the ultimate very best store in the entire Northwest, Ink & Peat. Its a little intimidating to think about what to write about first. I feel like I should have a grand awakening to share, or a true story about triplet Mongolian mimes but after my butt-awakening weigh-in at Weight Watchers earlier this morning, what I really need to do is get hopping on a treadmill or butterfly stroking my way across a swimming pool... so back to Ink & Peat, I will probably get all my gifts and home decor needs met here for the rest of my life so please, Ink and Peat, never ever ever go away!

(I need that pillow on the left or I will die...)

And I need ALL of the pillows below, or I will die all over again...

Oh, and I need this wreath too...because I'm Jewish and all Jewish people are supposed to hang a wreath on every door....

Napping Mushrooms

And then theres the beautiful winter window display:

Everywhere you look is beautiful. Not sure my iphone is doing the space justice!

So much birdie beauty:

It just so happens that my best friend owes me close to five million dollars so I'm going to probably get this below ...(Shes supposed to pay me back tomorrow). I think this is my fave thing in the whole shop-

and this:

Its almost too much!...Should I keep going???

I love these little animals to the right. They are Knitter Critters from Kenya...

New research recently came out that you should never use the same cereal bowl twice, which means you need to have a lot of bowls or a very large, well curved palm.

What else?

Who doesn't need zulugrass bracelets?

So pretty so pretty!
To my loved ones: I have a quarter birthday coming up right around the bend...

And they take such good care of their mice...see for yourself!
Are you being so hospitable to your home rodents? If not, isn't it about time?
Nighty Night!

Hope to see you again soon!


  1. Fatty, I love it. How funny: we went in there once a few months ago (didn't know there were all those new shops on Williams!) and Jim just reminded me that I said, "I have to tell my mom and fatty about this place. Oh wait, no I won't, so I can get them gifts here." Ha ha. But since you know about it, I won't bother shopping for you there :-)

    Welcome back to blogging! I am so glad!!!

  2. PS: also, those mice? Clementine has one matchbox mouse and we love it. The one you got her is now "Mousie Baby" to join the family.

  3. That should say " and for my Mom's Passover basket" which I think I should make this year for fun for her!

  4. Hey My Only Reader, Fattae Mush!
    Will the little white mouse fit in there? I thought it's bigger. Well Clementine will have to show me herself hopefully followed by "OooooooO". Did you really say that to Jim or is that a joke? Bcc my initial thought was " aha! Secret gift source haven" but then I realized your behavior is earning you less and less gift points so you have to buy your own stuff. It will be a great source of Easter basket stuff for your mom (and forgot Mom's Passover basket)

  5. Yay!! I am so happy you are back in blogland! Now the sunshine will come back to my life. :)

    :) oxox

  6. Hello, hello, hello!!! My stomach is hurting from laughing so much...I´m so happy you´re back.

  7. Hey Amber and Claudia, my first bloggee friends! Can you guys believe it was five years ago now that our paths first crossed??? Thanks for welcoming me back! xo

  8. What a great store! So lucky to have that there. My sister used to live in Portland a while ago (or was it across the bridge in Washington?).. Anyways, she loved it there! Thanks so much for your comment over on my blog. And yes, those pics were taken in Montreal, my home town! Drop on by anytime. : ) Congrats on the start of your blog! So far, you've made me chuckle and drool over these pics.

  9. Thanks for your visit...That post was one and only in finnish this week..all the other post are in english too..:D So hope I see you some other time too..:D And yay for the Moomins..:)


  10. Love the mouse (rat?) in the matchbox at the bottom. We who live in the middle don't have such cute stores. Count yourself lucky!


  11. Hello Julie! Yes, I hear that about "the middle" but! you do have Walmart, right? I'll try to post lots of extra cute stuff then for you to drool over and enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!

    Mirja- Yes, yay to the Moomins. I am determined to make it to Moominland at some point!

    Chantale- I definitely want to go to Montreal. Its on my list!