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Hello and welcome to my new blog, Hello Hoobubby! Hoobubby comes from the name of the character in a children's picture book I have played with on and off for some time. My name is Alexandra and I am a therapist and writer here in Portland, Oregon. I'm not exactly sure quite yet what this blog will be all about- books? writing? love? decorating? art? travels? yodeling bats in traveling Chinese circuses? food? Definitely food! Have a wonderful day and by the way, you look very scrumptious today so watch yourself! (You can also find me at my private practice blog at http://leapbrightly.blogspot.com and at my business site at http://www.alexandrasaperstein.com )

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome to the Magic & Marvelous Birdroom, The Most Wonderful Invention In All of Portland!...

You are feasting your eyes on the most delightful space in all of Portland, the Magic Birdroom carefuly composed by one Patti Taylor with birdie treasures she has collected over years of traveling and art market collecting. Tucked away high up in the northwest hills of Forest Park, it sits beyond a steep, meandering pathway carefully shrouded behind evergreen trees,rambunctious rodents, dinosaurs,and darting squirrels, rabbits, and other various creatures and critters making their way to and from the city. Its not so unusual to see a little bluejay carefully balancing a sack of Trader Joes groceries on his back or some other little furry one scurrying home with a little pink bakery box of Saint Cupcake cupcakes tied around its wrist. All things are possible as you make your way to the Magic & Marvelous Birdroom.
Very unfortunately, no camera can do this space justice, but especially not my iphone so keep that in mind as you look around. Its not a large space but its a mighty space nonetheless with every little inch wonderfully put to use to showcase all sorts of bird finds on all sorts of surfaces- tiles, pillows, vases, canvas, fountain, lamps, rugs...there is even a little alarm clock that makes chirping sounds. In fact, while I was there taking photos, the alarm went off and the cat made its way over to the clock, stood right on top of it, and kept pawing at it in hopes of drawing a little bird out of there!...no such luck, poor kitty...
There is so much to see, and every time I return, I always discover things I hadn't noticed before....
I'd like to take a sabbatical from work and move into the birdroom for a long, relaxing summer...
Is this the best or what???

This dresser is so beautiful, and you can't see all the little bird knobs which make it even better...oh, and be sure not to miss the bird lights strung around the mirror!
Now look at all this beautiful art her daughter, Laini, painted just for this room! (Laini, btw, is her inventor daughter who is obscessed with making genetically modified breakfast noodles that people will one day be able to add to their breakfast cereal...breakfast cereal noodles...do you think it will catch on or no? She is obscessed with this project and almost never sleeps!)
Laini also handmade every bird on the string that hangs over the bed.
Doesn't this make you want to create your own magic and marvelous birdroom???

(Did you notice his sweet little red shoes?)

We've reached the end of our visit. Noone wants to say goodbye to you...see?...


  1. Lovely documentation of the fabulous bird room, FT! I don't recognize that last one. Maybe it's new? Good thing there are so many wonderful bird objets in the world to find. If it were, say, a rhinoceros room, it might be a little trickier. Or a possum room. Or a triceratops room.


  2. Hey, it's great to see you posting!

    Love the cutie with the red/grey cap, and I remember Laini's post about making the felt birds (looked like so much fun, but I never followed through on the inspiration).


  3. Alexandra! How cool! I'm so glad you're here!

    Love Patty's room. In fact, I would love to have one like it. But see, if it were my room, all the poor birds would be covered in dust and grime before long. I ought to have one of those minimalist homes where you could just wave a wet rag about and it'd be clean. But sadly, I'm too messy for minimalist.

  4. Genetically-modified breakfast noodles?? :-)

    That room is delightful! Love it. This looks like a very promising blog. I look forward to future posts.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment today on my blog! Great to discover you - I am a big owl fan, well birds in interiors in general, so this post is lots of fun!

  6. Very cool blog so far.. looking forward to more.
    I esp. like the owl in the balloon.. !

  7. You are a big fat Bird Nerd.(Berd Nerd? Bird Nird?) IF you come visit me, I will give you a very special SOLID GOLD and diamond studded set of birdie chop sticks...or some such thing. Maybe bird long-underwear with magic powers that make you able to eat whatever you want and never gain a pound..Or something. Just come see.